relieve pain.  rebuild injuries.

de-stress.  re-connect energy.

Proven 5-elements Acupuncture . . . it works

meet Andrew Brady

B.App.Sc (Acup)  Adv Cert Acup(China) D.R.M
27 years hands-on experience in alternative health

Andrew was born in Forster, educated in Sydney (& China) and formed
his practice in 1993.  His family has a long association with the Forster-Tuncurry community and his dad ran a successful pharmacy for over 4 decades here.  Andrew took a different path embracing a healthy, vegetarian alternative lifestyle and applying the empathy of acupuncture treatment to people of all ages- retirees, mums & dads, sports people, tradies, even stressed business professionals in this magical environment.

He is a quiet, confident, inspiring kind of guy who easily builds rapport with each client, looking past the obvious symptoms to create a stronger holistic longterm outcome for you.

He is a good communicator who actively listens, and walks the talk to help you repair, by addressing physical, emotional, and mental aspects of your health.

His studies of the traditional acupuncture discipline took him to China to learn more and expand his knowledge even further to advanced levels. 

He applies a strand of practice called 5-elements, deeply rooted in this alternative Chinese medicine system.  It provides a framework to assess, analyse, review and treat individual people styles and personalities and adjust the implementation of treatment to suit each person.  He can tell a lot about you from other developed senses, not just the current symptoms.

Andrew is an active, talented surfer, has children and siblings and understands family life and relationships.  You'll find him interested in 

your symptoms and your life.


how 5-elements acupuncture releases pain without drugs

This technique is a holistic system developed over 4,000 years ago to treat pain  •  mental health  •  injuries  •  organ disfunction  •  by reconnecting blood flow and nerve connections throughout the body via these two primary systems, to improve and tap the bodies self-healing powers, without the use of artificial drugs.

... it can help you to

Blue Curl Pattern
relieve pain

back pain • joint pain •  muscular pain •  spinal pain • neck pain • hip pain • nerve pain • sciatic pain • headaches

mobilise joints

re-connect stiff or arthritic joints •improve strength and better mobility • increase flexibilty

de-stress, reduce anxiety

reduce stress and calm anxiety •  cope better •  lift depression • tap new energy • sleep better

fix sports injuries

Rebuild damaged muscles •  improve joint mobility •  improve breathing  •  strengthen muscle tone •  improve flexibility  • improve
co-ordination and anticipation •  focus the mind

reconnect emotions

Clear the mind •  connect feelings & thoughts • reduce anxiety about change

tap your body's
healing powers

Turn on the power of your mind •  Improve immunity •  increase flow of energy in your body
• release blockages in organs

treatments • services

Pain relief - back , hip,  joint, spinal, muscular   •   Repair - sports injuries, strengthening   •  Restore - de-stress, treat insomnia, motivate, reduce anxiety,  deal with depression , reconnect emotions

Techniques used  - acupuncture  - cupping  - heat treatment  - acupressure/massage


Initial treatment


in the initial treatment we spend a full hour exploring
your situation & history ...

total fee $110 (Concession $95, Hicaps available)




a tailored program of

treatments specifically

designed to achieve a

healthy outcome...

fee $90 per session

(Concession $87)


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